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Custom Synthesis
You are probably in charge of procuring standards for the bioanalytical department of your firm.  You would prefer to buy the compound you need from a catalogue, but you have drawn a blank.; People are relying on you to find the compound and you are prepared to invest $3,000-$20,000 to solve the problem.
You have about 350 custom synthesis vendors to choose from.  Please ask yourself the following:
Is this firm recommended by other people like me?
Does this firm specialise in the metabolites, reference standards, labelled standards, internal standards, at the milligram to gram level I require? (We do).
Can this firm routinely quote on my new and difficult-to-make compounds, because all synthesis staff have PhD's and post-doctoral experience? (We can).
Can this firm pass on cost savings to me because of the low value of its local currency? (We can).
Will this firm respect my requirement for confidentiality and execute a confidentiality agreement on request? (We will).
Are we the sort of vendor you want to deal with?  Please put us to the test. Request a quote now. You'll be surprised how quickly we can reply with helpful information.
 Synthesis Expertise Include